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About the Chapter

The California Receivers Forum’s history begins in Orange and LA County. In 1993, first at the Jolly Roger Restaurant at Dyer and the 55 with Bob Mosier and Robert Warren, Sr talking over coffee the thought of forming a group emerged. Soon thereafter, at the University Athletic Club in Newport Beach, Bob Mosier, Doug Morehead, and Robert Warren, Sr. had a luncheon meeting to discuss the need for receivers to communicate to share their collective knowledge and best practices and to educate the new people coming into the field. Next, Andy Zimbaldi and Taylor Grant joined the OC discussion. As this history is being memorialized in 2012, the groups’ recollection is that Bob picked up the UAC lunch tab, the first of many subsequent times the Mosiers’ have hosted the receivers group.

In a nearby parallel universe, at approximately the same time, the Los Angeles Superior Court Ad Hoc Committee on Receiverships was appointed by the Honorable Robert O’Brien, Presiding Judge of the Writs and Receivers Department. The Committee members were Edythe Bronston, David Pasternak, David Ray, Les Rodin, Alan Mirman, Peter Davidson, Clayton Cook, Andrew Pauly and Gary Plotkin.

The conference room of Andy Zimbaldi in Orange County was the site of the historic meeting when Edythe Bronston, representing the Los Angeles Superior Court Ad Hoc Committee and Bob Mosier, Robert Warren, Andy Zimbaldi and Doug Morehead, representing Orange County, conferred and the decision to join forces resulted. At this juncture the fledgling organization was named the California Receivers Forum. Dominic LoBuglio was drafted by David Ray to be the group’s CPA and Michael Wachtell’s office did the lawyering to form the corporation. Official corporate birth occurred on February 6, 1996.

Jeanne Sleeper and JBS & Associates, who were known to many in the group because of her work with the California Bankruptcy Forum, of which several of the founders were members, was recruited to provide association management in January 1997 and that service continues.
Around the state other groups of receivers heard about the historic association of receivers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and in 1994-1996 similar groups were in formation in San Diego, Sacramento, Bay Area and the Central Valley. With synergy, goodwill and common goals the Los Angeles-Orange County group agreed to change their name to California Receivers Forum, Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter and the other regions agree to use a similar naming format when forming their corporations. The bylaws for the statewide organization were drafted with Edythe Bronston and Michael Wachtell taking the organizational legal reins. By 1998 the regional corporate entities were in place, non-profit status had been applied for by state and LA/OC. Other chapters filed their non-profit designation requests with the IRS and the California Attorney General soon thereafter.

The Los Angeles /Orange County Chapter has grown and prospered from the dedicated efforts of the Board of Directors, speakers, the educational participation support of the bench, and the members’ engagement.

In recent years some of the founders voluntarily took ex officio status, in order to open up board of director seats for the next generation of leaders, who have already shown their expertise and commitment in a plethora of ways. The vitality and perspectives of earlier career receivers has been a great benefit to the subsequent professionals and to the organization.

There are a myriad of other noteworthy high levels of commitment contributing to the success of the chapter. David Ray has offered his conference room at 7 am for every board meeting since the beginning and plied us with coffee and fabulous bagels to get the morning going. Dominic LoBuglio is unfailing in his accounting and tax return support and as the historical keeper of corporate documents. For years Buchalter Nemer has donated the use of their Los Angeles office’s Training Center facilities and equipment as the primary site for the chapter’s educational programs. These significant contributions have been invaluable to the Chapter.